Success at University Grade 12 English

Grade 12 English should be a requirement for all those entering university because success at university depends on one’s ability to express herself accurately in a number of written mediums and to take large amount of information, paraphrase and process it critically in a short period of time ( Grade 12 English develops these required skills and will contribute to student success. This is true, regardless what program you enter. Additionally, Grade 12 English develops strong argument skill that will be required throughout your university education.


I want to go into University with the skills I need to succeed! 

Personally, like most people, I improve through practice. University will require essays. English 12 will provide lots of practice in terms of sourcing materials, finding credible sources, paraphrasing works, and critically analyzing text to be able to understand and relate it to everyday life. If I can master these skills in Grade 12 English, then I will be better prepared to succeed at writing essays when I am in university. Writing university essays takes a deep understanding of essay structure and formulating your arguments ( The prep work needed for class assignments and my independent study project will provide me with a lot of practice for formulating mythesis, argument and conclusion and supporting these with the appropriate text.


Like many tough things to learn , my writing will need lots of practice in order to improve


Developing these skills before I enter University will take a lot of pressure off me and provide me with more confidence when I need to complete essay assignments. I know I will still stress about the first essays I have to write, but anyone who has successfully completed English 12 will have a strong foundation for it.

Of course, not all university courses will require essays but they will all require note taking. Effective note taking depends on one’s ability to analyze information presented, identify vocabulary you need to learn, and to be able to review and edit your notes ( All these skills are sharpened and enhanced in English 12. Furthermore, English 12 will strengthen my ability to reflect on the information presented and how it relates to the topic at hand, helping me to better identify what I should be writing down and learning.


Being able to paraphrase information can be extremely usefully in many situations

Lastly, aside from being able to produce stellar work in class, there will come times during my university experience where I am sure I am going to have argue a point or defend my opinion. Key skills needed to get ahead in university, both inside and out of the classroom, include being able to discuss and debate issues, demonstrate sound reasoning, and formulate and defend an argument ( ). This could be something as simple as defending my position regarding what the rules will be for my roommates, arguing for extra marks so I can make my gpa cut-off or convincing a professor to let me into a full course.


If you are familiar with expressing or arguing your point to others , it will become less frightening 

In conclusion, all university students will need to develop the skills and outcomes learned in English 12 in order to feel prepared and succeed academically. English 12 has a vast array of outcomes ( that will help all students also navigate the university life and my entry into adulthood.


Road sign to  education and future

Skills learned in this course will hopefully guide me to a more successful future 



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